What Happens if You Delete a Wait Step?

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What happens to people in a wait step if you delete the wait step? This is really important to understand if you're planning to modify a live campaign after there are already members in it.

To test this, I added a lead to a flow as follows:

Once they were added to List 1 (and thus were in the Step 3 wait step), I deleted Step 3.

The new flow looked like this:

The question is, would the lead move on to Step 4, even though they had not yet gone through the Add to List step to be added to List 2? Or would they get added to List 2 even though that was now Step 3?

After the original wait period (from the deleted wait step) ended, the lead moved on to Step 4, even though they had never gone through the new Step 3.

Moral of this story: If you delete a wait step, leads will not go back and complete the flow action that takes its place. If you still want leads in that wait step to go through every flow action, you may be better off reducing the wait time to 1 minute and leaving it in.