Using the Auto-Assignment Rule When Syncing a New Record to SFDC

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Using the Auto-Assignment (Lead Assignment) rules in SFDC is recommended rather than creating assignment rules in Marketo.



Since creating assignment rules in Marketo is difficult to maintain, I recommend marketers focus on marketing rather than maintenance.



Lead Assignment rules only run on initial Lead creation, you can’t run them again for existing Leads. Thus, if a SFDC Lead or Contact flows through the Sync Lead to SFDC flow step and the Assign To is set to --Use Auto-Assignment Rules--, Marketo will sync any field updates but will not run the record through SFDCs assignment rules again.



If you need to run Assignment rules again, have your SFDC Admin create a custom trigger and flow in SFDC.



The SFDC Lead Assignment rules may required that specific fields be populated. Check with your SFDC Admin.