Setting Up Marketo for RCA

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Nothing reminds you to get up and write a blog post in the morning like seeing that the last several posts were all by very technical people!

Last week I was onsite with a client that is doing a kickoff with RCA. One of the sessions I presented to them was on best practices for how to set up Marketo to get the best results out of RCA. Here are some cliff notes of my main points:

  • First, make sure that you have every marketing activity that you do tracked in Marketo. Each marketing activity should correspond to a single Marketo program. Some of the activities people commonly overlook are:
    • Tradeshows and other events
    • Direct mail
    • Web forms
    • Online advertising
    • Mobile
    • SMS
  • When you are building programs, there are seven things to keep in mind:
    • Establish a good naming convention
    • Use program statuses and success
    • Assign lead acquisition to a program for basically every lead (You can set up placeholder programs for leads created in CRM and the API)
    • Add costs to programs and events
    • Define tags and custom channels
    • Set the analytics behavior per channel (I usually suggest making all non-operational channels Inclusive)
    • Define Interesting Moments for the Opportunity Influence Analyzer
  • Build out at least one revenue model for your funnel and make sure the majority of your database is assigned to and moving through the proper stages
  • Make sure you are using the required/recommended fields that RCA needs to work properly (even if it says SFDC, same thing for MSD):
    • Lead: Is Lead, Person Type, Updated, Is Employee, Updated At, Org Id, Lead Source, Acquisition Date, Acquisition Program, Created, Lead Owner First Name, Lead Owner Last Name, SFDC Created Date
    • Company: Company, SFDC is Deleted, Updated At
    • Opportunity: Created At, Updated At, Amount, Close Date, Is Closed, Is Won, Name, Probability, SFDC Created Date, Account Id
    • Opportunity Contact Role: Opportunity ID, Contact ID, Created At, Updated At, SFDC is Deleted
  • Sync over a selection of custom fields for use in RCA as dimensions and metrics
  • Create group field organizers to help you group values for a field in Model Performance Analysis
  • Make sure you have opportunity contact roles
  • Validate if you need to use Hybrid or Implicit Attribution settings
  • Make sure you are using a lead source type field correctly