Setting Up a Zapier Integration Between Marketo and Eventbrite - Part I I

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Steps I used to create a Zap in Zapier for a Marketo / Eventbrite integration along with a few tips.

Eventbrite Event Setup

Before you create your first Zap you should create your event in Eventbrite.

Create a Zap Triggered Based on a Person Registering for a Specific Event

The following are instructions for a creating a new Zap which will be triggered when a person registers for a specific event.

Click make a Zap

Choose a trigger app, select Eventbrite

Choose a trigger

Choose account

  • Your Eventbrite account should automatically appear if you already setup the integration.
  • Click Connect an Account if necessary
  • Click Test

Set up Options

  • Choose Organization
  • Select Live for Event Status
  • Choose a specific event or leave blank. In this case, choose a specific event.
    • Super Important: You must setup your Eventbrite event before you get to this step
    • When you choose a specific event, you will need to always create a new Zap for each new event.
    • If you leave it blank, then it will trigger for all events for your organization

  • It is highly recommended to have a naming convention to ensure you are choosing the correct event

Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap

Setup Action

Select Marketo Action

  • Choose Create or Update Lead

Choose account

  • The account should automatically appear if you already setup the integration.
    • Click Connect an Account if necessary

Set up Marketo Lead

  • Setup the field mapping between Marketo and Zapier
  • Remember to create any necessary new Marketo custom fields which you have in Eventbrite before you get to this step
  • Field names in Zapier from Eventbrite show up as Profile [field name]
  • Examples
    • You will see sample values based on your sample record


  • It’s important to make sure Eventbrite ID is mapped

  • Super Important: Add the word - Registered or Attended
    • A cool feature of Zapier is that you can append values in fields
    • By adding the word Registered or Attended you can create your Zap first without creating a Marketo program or smart campaign

Yeah, I accidentally named the field Event ID in my Marketo test instance. It would be better if the field was called Eventbrite ID, oh well.

  • Send Test Lead to Marketo
    • You can skip the test

Name your Zap

Next activate your Zap

You are done with setting up Zapier!

Part III will cover setting up a Marketo program and smart campaign to set program status to registered or attended. Thanks!

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EDIT: I've just realized that there's a set of 'required' fields, so there is no need to map all fields! 



Hi @Brian_Law_MKTO ,


Thanks for outlining the steps to set up this integration. Do you know if its possible to map only certain fields? Its currently pulling all of our Marketo fields for mapping (+100 fields). A majority of these are non-essential as we only need 10-15 fields to get what we need done. Any advice you have on this would be great.


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