Setting Up a Zapier Integration Between Marketo and Eventbrite - Part I I

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Steps I used to create a Zap in Zapier for a Marketo / Eventbrite integration along with a few tips.

Eventbrite Event Setup

Before you create your first Zap you should create your event in Eventbrite.

Create a Zap Triggered Based on a Person Registering for a Specific Event

The following are instructions for a creating a new Zap which will be triggered when a person registers for a specific event.

Click make a Zap

Choose a trigger app, select Eventbrite

Choose a trigger

Choose account

  • Your Eventbrite account should automatically appear if you already setup the integration.
  • Click Connect an Account if necessary
  • Click Test

Set up Options

  • Choose Organization
  • Select Live for Event Status
  • Choose a specific event or leave blank. In this case, choose a specific event.
    • Super Important: You must setup your Eventbrite event before you get to this step
    • When you choose a specific event, you will need to always create a new Zap for each new event.
    • If you leave it blank, then it will trigger for all events for your organization

  • It is highly recommended to have a naming convention to ensure you are choosing the correct event

Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap

Setup Action

Select Marketo Action

  • Choose Create or Update Lead

Choose account

  • The account should automatically appear if you already setup the integration.
    • Click Connect an Account if necessary

Set up Marketo Lead

  • Setup the field mapping between Marketo and Zapier
  • Remember to create any necessary new Marketo custom fields which you have in Eventbrite before you get to this step
  • Field names in Zapier from Eventbrite show up as Profile [field name]
  • Examples
    • You will see sample values based on your sample record


  • It’s important to make sure Eventbrite ID is mapped

  • Super Important: Add the word - Registered or Attended
    • A cool feature of Zapier is that you can append values in fields
    • By adding the word Registered or Attended you can create your Zap first without creating a Marketo program or smart campaign

Yeah, I accidentally named the field Event ID in my Marketo test instance. It would be better if the field was called Eventbrite ID, oh well.

  • Send Test Lead to Marketo
    • You can skip the test

Name your Zap

Next activate your Zap

You are done with setting up Zapier!

Part III will cover setting up a Marketo program and smart campaign to set program status to registered or attended. Thanks!

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