Quick Start Guide for Marketo REST API

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Marketo Employee

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This guide will show you how to make your first call to the Marketo REST API in ten minutes.

We'll show you how to retrieve a single lead using the Get Lead by Id REST API endpoint. To do this, we will walk you through the authentication process to generate an access token, which you will use in making a GET request to Get Lead by Id. Then we'll provide you with the code to make the request that will return lead info formatted as JSON.

How to Generate an Authentication Token

A Custom Service in Marketo allows you to describe and define what data your application will have access to. You need to be logged in as a Marketo administrator to create a Custom Service and associate that service with a single API-Only user.

1. Navigate to the admin area of the Marketo application


2. Click on the Users & Roles node on the left panel


3. Create a new role


4. The next step is to create an API only user and associating it with the API role that you created in step 3. You can do so by checking the API-Only user checkbox at the time of user creation.


5. A Custom service is required to uniquely identify your client application. To create a custom application, go to the Admin->LaunchPoint screen and create a new service.


6. Choose "Custom" Service type, provide the Display Name, Description and the user email address created in step 4. We recommend using a descriptive Display Name that represents either the company or purpose of this Custom REST API Service.


7. Click on "View Details" link on the grid to get the Client Id and Client Secret.


Your client application will be able to use the Client Id and Client Secret to generate an access token.


8. Copy and paste your authentication token into a text editor. Your authentication token will look similar to the example below.


How to Determine Endpoint URL

In making a request to Marketo API, you will need to specify your Marketo instance in the endpoint URL. All requests to the Marketo REST API will follow the format below.

<REST API Endpoint URL>/rest/ 

The REST API Endpoint URL can be found within the Marketo Admin->Web Services panel.


Your Marketo endpoint URL structure should look similar to the example below.{id}.json 

How to Use Authentication Token to Call Get Lead by Id API

In the previous sections, we generated an authentication token and found the endpoint URL. We will now make a request to REST API endpoint called Get Lead by Id.

The easiest way to make your request to Marketo REST API is to paste the URL into your web browser's address bar. Follow the format below.


// Format http://<REST API Endpoint URL for your Marketo instance>/rest/v1/<API you are calling>?<access_token>  // Example 

If your call is successful, it will return JSON with the format below.

{ "requestId": "d82a#14e26755a9c", "result": [ { "id": 318581, "updatedAt": "2015-06-11T23:15:23Z", "lastName": "Doe", "email": "", "createdAt": "2015-03-17T00:18:40Z", "firstName": "John" } ], "success": true } 

If you are interested in learning more about the Marketo REST APIs, this is a good place to start.

* This article contains code used to implement custom integrations. Due to its customized nature, The Marketo Technical Support team is unable to troubleshoot custom work. Please do not attempt to implement the following code sample without appropriate technical experience, or access to an experienced developer.