Pre-Launch Checklist

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Whenever I have someone new working in Marketo, I like to give them a checklist of things to validate before they launch a campaign. It makes me think of those studies that show that if a doctor simply follows a checklist, (s)he is way less likely to make simple mistakes. And there are so many simple mistakes we can make in Marketo accidentally. Here's a basic checklist to get you started, though obviously you need to customize it with things specific to your organization and I've left off validation of the assets themselves.

Program Setup

  • The program name follows the naming convention.
  • Confirm you have categorized your marketing activity in the right channel.
  • The required tags have been populated correctly.
  • The appropriate optional tags have been added.
  • The period cost has been added.
  • Folders have been created for assets and campaigns and items are in the appropriate folder.
  • Tokens set up on the program level have been updated, if appropriate.


  • The list of leads includes only marketable leads.
  • The list of leads does not include any leads that are on master suppression lists.
  • Do a “sanity check” on the leads that will qualify for this program by looking at the Qualified Leads list from the Schedule tab of the send campaign to ensure it matches the original list.

Smart Campaigns

  • The smart campaign names follows the naming conventions.
  • A smart campaign exists to change program status for each status in the channel.
  • A smart campaign has been created and run to test the email send.
  • The qualification rules have been updated if leads are allowed to run through more than once.
  • The checkbox has been selected to honor Communication Limits.
  • Employees have been excluded from running through program status campaigns.
  • If a form fill-out should trigger an auto-response email, this email send is included in the Flow step.
  • The number of qualified leads in the send email campaigns matches the number of leads in the original target list and is the expected count.
  • The schedule (and reoccurrence) matches your expectations.