Moving a Program with Members to a New Workspace

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Here is the process to move a program which has members to a new workspace. The solution retains program membership, the membership date, program status, the success date, acquisition and acquisition date.

In this example we are moving a program from the 'Default' to the the 'NAM' workspace.

Step 1 - Remove all associations to the program and assets inside the program from smart lists and smart campaigns outside of the program. You will not be able to move the program if it or any assets inside of it are being used. Also, you won't be able to move the program if any assets inside of it are referencing items outside the program like static and smart lists, smart campaigns etc.

Step 2 - Make sure you aren't referencing a form in the design studio.

Step 3 - Make sure any assets used in the program are referencing templates or snippets which are in a shared folder.


Step 4 - Create a new 'Temporary' lead partition and associate it to the 'Default' workspace which contains the program you want to move. The temporary lead partition will hold the members of the program while you are changing it's channel.

Step 5 - Create a smart campaign to move all the members of the program you will be moving to the new temporary lead partition.

Step 6 - Edit the temporary lead partition so it is no longer associated to the 'Default' workspace where the program is located. Associate the temporary lead partition to only the 'NAM' workspace. Once this is done you will notice that the program no longer contains any members.

Step 7 - Place the program you are moving in a folder and move the folder into the 'NAM' workspace. After you move the program you will see the members reappear retaining their original membership date, program success, acquisition program and acquisition date.

Step 8 - Run a smart campaign to move the program members back to the 'Default' lead partition. There will be no change in membership or program status.

Step 9 - Finally, delete the 'Temporary' lead partition.

Note: If you have records in a wait step in a smart campaign, when the records re-appear in the program they will still be in the wait step and will continue to flow through the steps in your campaign.