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Merging Duplicates Part II : Automerge

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

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Duplicates happens to the best of us, and for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you've merged two instances of Marketo or imported an acquired company's leads into your Salesforce Org, or maybe your sales staff enters new leads rather than updating existing leads. Whatever the cause, Marketo has a service that can address these duplicates and clean up your database, and it's called Automerge.

In this article I'll refer to the following

Contacts - Records synched from the CRM's Contact table having a type of "Contact"

Leads - Records synched from the CRM's Lead table having a type of "Lead"

Persons - Marketo only records, not synched to your CRM. These came into Marketo via list upload, entering them in the UI, from the API or through forms submissions.

What it IS

Automerge is a solution hosted in AWS created configured and maintained by Marketo Technical Consulting that allows for the de duping of your Marketo instance. It is designed to allow the merging of Contacts and Persons, Leads and Persons and Person to Person duplicates.

We can also attempt to merge Leads to Leads with some success, Contacts to Contacts with some success, but we normally cannot merge a Lead and a Contact due to Salesforce API restrictions

Automerge Projects

During the project youll work with a Marketo technical consultant to define 4 items listed below which constitute the rules we'll apply to the duplicates you wish to merge.

  1. Definition of a Duplicate - A "duplicate set" is a group of 2 or more leads with the same email. In Marketo, a duplicate is defined as two leads with the same email address. This is typically how we define a duplicate, but we can extend it to include other fields if needed.
  2. Winner Rule
  3. Skip Rules
  4. Field level rules

Automerge leverages static lists in your instance that we create for you. Only members of that list and their duplicates (per the definition above) are eligible to be targeted by Automerge, so there's no concern that there will be accidental merging, assuming that we implement any skip rules as needed.

Automerge will merge up to 10,000 merge groups per day and can be sold as a one time project or an ongoing process if the duplicates are persistent.

So as you can see Automerge can be really powerful for de duplicating in Marketo. If you think this is right for your company, give us a call today for pricing!

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Hi John Mattos​,n

Are there other packaged services that you can offer ? Is there a list somewhere ?


Marketo Employee

Hi Aditya Vempaty​. pricing is a bit out of my pay grade. Best thing to do is contact your CAM. I do know that pricing is based on the size of your database, wither under or over 250k leads.

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Hmm, what kind of services are you looking for?

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"Exclusions - These define define fields for which, if they are in conflict, will prevent a given duplicate candidate set from merging."

How do we configure that?



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Check out Cloudingo - the parent/partner product to dupe catcher. I.e., Cloudingo provides wonderful exclusion rules to prevent/allow automatic dupe merges within SFDC and Dupe Catcher prevents dupes from being created, whilst allowing the option for overrides.

I have no skin in this game other than to say that we've been very impressed with their products for several years!  They have free versions to check out, as well.