Marketo Custom Sync Filter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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With the Sync filter for the Marketo-Dynamics CRM sync, it is possible to restrict which records flow into Marketo. This can be applied to all entities. For each of the entities, the filter needs to be set up separately.

Install Lead Management Plug-in

Make sure you have the latest version of the plug-in installed ( or later).

Create Custom Field: new_synctomkto

Users must add a custom field new_synctomkto to Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity and any custom entities they want to sync with Marketo.. This field determines whether the lead, account, or contact will be synced with Marketo. It must be of "Two Options" (boolean) type  – “Yes” (TRUE) and “No” (FALSE).

Although this is a Boolean field, there are 4 possible states for this field's value from our plugin's point of view:

  1. Field does not exist: If the user does not want to use this filter, they won't have this custom field. This is interpreted as TRUE.
  2. Field is NULL: All new entities that are created after this custom field is defined will get the default value. But all existing entities created prior to this field will get NULL value. This is also interpreted as TRUE.
  3. Field is TRUE
  4. Field is FALSE

Important: if user wants to use the filter, then they must select this field to be synced with MLM. This is done in Admin > Microsoft Dynamics.

In this screen, scroll down to the field ‘new_synctomkto’ and check it. The label may be different; many customers name it “Sync to Marketo”. The name of this field must be "new_synctomkto" , however the display name can be whatever the user wants.

Set up CRM Automated Workflow

User can set new_synktomkto to either True or False if they have fairly static records that they want to filter for sync. However, user can also create a workflow in Dynamics that will automatically set syncToMkto field based on their filter criteria (e.g State = California, or Division = Web Services). This should be a background job that will be triggered when a record is created, or updated. To optimize, the user is advised to make this workflow asynchronous so actual create or update operation time is not impacted. In addition, the workflow trigger must be fine-tuned so that it fires only when relevant field changes for the update operation. This workflow must be run manually once so that all existing record will get their proper value.

Note: Everything in this solution needs to be implemented in Dynamics. Nothing needs to be configured in Marketo.

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This is a great summary of this functionality. Thanks!

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Todd, there's a possibility that if you set the default to Yes, the sync cycle would run and sync over the record and yet you really wanted to have a workflow run and change that record to No. Then you'd have a record in Marketo that you never wanted there and it'd be disconnected from the CRM record. It's better to set everything to No initially and then give the workflow time to change the ones you want to sync over to Yes.

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Hi team,


CRM dont want to create sync filter in there end . Can marketo create any sync filter using existing field (last modified date , created date) present in microsoft dynamics CRM


This is very urgent for our project.


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