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How to use Any Page in a Web Personalization (RTP) Campaign

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Did you ever have a Web Personalization (RTP) campaign you wanted to be able to present regardless of the page your web visitor is on? 

That’s where Any Page can be used. This is a cool Web Personalization feature that works like this: once a visitor matches the segment you've created, your campaign will be shown regardless of the page the visitor is on.  What's important to remember is that the visitor will always need to first match the segment

Let’s look at a specific use case:

I was recently working with a client who wanted to offer a discount to any anonymous web visitor that visited a particular product page.

First we setup the segment attributes to include the Known Lead attribute of Status, and the Behavior attribute of Include Pages:

Any Page Segment  Example.png

Then we created the campaign and selected Any Page:

Any Page  Example.png

This functionality is only available for Dialog and Widget campaigns and is a sub-choice of the Target URL functionality. 

Want to show the campaign on specific pages? That’s where Target URL comes in. This is found in the Set Campaign section of the and defines the specific URL or URLs that a RTP campaign will appear on. Read more about how to do that here.

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