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How to Remove Scroll Bars in a Dialog Web Personalization (RTP) Campaign

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Got pesky scroll bars in your Dialog Web Personalization campaigns? Let's look at how easy it is to get rid of them...

In the Dialog Campaign interface you have options to setup the dialog box size, or you can make it even simpler by choosing Auto Width.  Also, don’t forget the great choices you get for Dialog Style including, Modern Trim (a black outline), Basic (includes a gray box for the Dialog Title) and Modern Trim II (a gray outline):

Dialog Types.png

Here are my settings - I selected a Transparent background and Auto Width:

Dialog Sidebar.png

Then simply insert the following CSS code to the campaign's HTML:



    overflow-x: hidden;

    overflow-y: hidden;



And here’s the result:

Dialog Transparent.png

Bye Bye, scroll bars!