Dispatches From the Developer's Blog - September 2015

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

We've been busy over at developers.marketo.com creating content to help you develop and improve integrations with Marketo.  Here's what we've been up to over the past month:

How to Specify Lead Partitions Using the REST API

Developer Evangelist David Everly provides a how-to in managing lead partitions through the REST API.  A must read for anyone developing for Marketo Enterprise Edition instances.

Best Practices for API Users and Custom Services

I go over the best ways to manage your users and services with respect to API integrations.  Following these guidelines will allow you to isolate usage counts from your third-party services, and revoke or restrict access by a service without interrupting any other services.

Add SalesPerson Data to Marketo

I go through the basics of synching salesperson records to Marketo, along with some sample code.  This is essential knowledge for anyone working with non-native CRM integrations, streamlining the process of adding owner-level fields to your lead records in Marketo, and allowing you to keep changes local to individual salesperson records, instead of updating all of the leads owned by that person

Updating Lead Data in Marketo Using the API

Dave covers the use case of bidirectionally synching lead data with the REST API.  Incremental synching with REST has a new model, so if you're new to building one, or have experience with the SOAP API, you'll want to check this out. Sample program code in Java is provided.

In addition to the recent blog posts we've overhauled and polished the documentation for Munchkin, Webhooks, and Email Scripting.  You can get content updates from the developer's blog through our RSS Feed or by following us on Twitter, @MarketoDev.