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Best Practice for Using the Convert Lead Flow Step (aka Creating an Opportunity)

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

When you use the Convert Lead Flow step it will convert your lead to a Contact and create a new Account and Opportunity.


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Marketo unfortunately cannot convert the Lead into an existing Account, because it can't determine automatically which Account to convert the Lead into. Thus, I don't recommend using this Flow Action, as it will create duplicate Accounts. To convert leads, the Marketo user profile will need the ability to convert leads, create contacts, accounts and opportunities. I recommend not giving Marketo these permissions. Convert leads is not actually a required profile permissions for the Marketo sync.



By the way, when Marketo creates the new Opportunity there is no way I know of for Marketo to assign the opportunity to a specific record type.

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I fully concur, do not use this flow step until it's significantly enhanced. And vote here: