Archiving programs

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Archiving programs

Hello all!

We are currently archiving your old programs inside each workspace.

We are creating archive folders in everyworkspace, and moving your old programs (Year 2016) inside.

If you need to bring an old program back to your marketing activities folder, you just need to drag & drop it.

Example in Spain:


How to archive a folder?

Create a folder, right click -> convert to archive folder.

The "Archive" folder is a special kind of folder that is designed to remove items from select lists as well as reporting. This will help your system run quicker.

If you DELETE things, you LOSE the data and reporting ability.

When you archive a folder:

  • The folder and assets are no longer visible in search results. If you search for a Program or Event that’s inside an archived folder, the results return a collapsed view of the archived folder
  • The assets in the folder no longer appear in auto suggest

Functionality that will not change when archiving:

  • Global search still finds results in archived folders
  • An asset that’s in use will continue to work even after it’s archived
  • You can use a filter to select archived assets for use in reports
  • Archived assets are not deactivated. They must also be deactivated if you want them to stop running.

Have a nice day