An Email Link Is Missing the Tracking Link

Sometimes you may see a link in your email that isn't decorated when you mouse over it.  That same link isn't tracked when you click it.


Check that there is a link

The most common solution is to add a link to the email.  Many email clients will automatically add links to when the text looks like a URL.  For example, here's a link as it was typed in an email:

User-added image

But Outlook renders that text as a link:

User-added image

To fix this, edit the email and add a link to the URL by highlighting the text and clicking the link icon in the HTML editor. It may seem redundant to put a link on a URL, but this will allow the link to be tracked.

Check the <a> tag


If you edited the HTML, check to make sure it's correct.  Check if the:

  • href is enclosed with quotes
  • <a> is opened and closed correctly


Check for class="mktNoTrack"

If you edited the link with class="mktNoTrack", the link will not be decorated by Marketo.  You'll have to remove that class from the email template or email body, depending on where it is.


When using tokenized URLs, make sure the "http://" is outside the token

Tokens are populated in the email construction process after the tracking links are inserted, so in order for Marketo to understand a tracking link needs to go there, it needs to see the "http://" before the token is inserted in the email.

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