Wanted: Freelance Custom Templates Designer

Wanted: Freelance Custom Templates Designer

I'm looking for someone who can help us revamp the simple email and landing page templates Marketo originally set my company up with. Other than me, my small team has little to no knowledge of Marketo and I want to make things as easy for them as possible, while making our designs attractive and visually appealing. I'd like a few different versions created for various use cases. For example: a live events landing page that stops registration at the limited seat number, a webinars landing page with no seat restriction, gated and ungated landing pages, a marketing email, a newsletter, etc.

MUST have extensive knowledge of Marketo, HTML5, CSS and tokens, and REST API. Also, we use Microsoft CRM.

We are located in Kansas City, MO, but I'm willing to working with someone outside the area. Please contact me at chartley@valorem.com or (816) 406-2036.



Re: Wanted: Freelance Custom Templates Designer

Hi Charly,

Did you end up finding someone to help with this? If so, can you recommend?


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Hi Sheila,

I went with Grazitti Interactive. My contact there is Kartik Sharma. His info is below.

Kartik Sharma

Manager - Business Development

T: +1 650 567 3995

E: kartik.s@grazitti.com<mailto:kartik.s@grazitti.com>


Best regards,

Charly Hartley

Demand Generation Specialist

w: +1 (816) 406-2036

m: +1 (573) 418-1999