Marketo Consultant Required

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Marketo Consultant Required

Hi All,

Aryaka Networks, a leading SaaS provider in wide area networking space, located in Milpitas, CA is looking for a consultant to help with several Marketo-related projects:

  • Marketo DB segmentation
  • Marketo DB Hygiene - cleaning up spam trap, hard bounce, de-dup leads from the database
  • Name acquisition best practices
  • Campaign metrics and dashboards
  • SFDC – Marketo integration

If you have core expertise and experience in these areas, please contact me at


Ajai George

Marketing Manager

Aryaka Networks

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Re: Marketo Consultant Required

Hi Ajai,

I sent you an email just now. Please feel free to reach out to

I am a Marketo certified expert based in bay area and have been working on Marketo requirements such as the ones you've outlined for several years.

Rajesh Talele on LinkedIn