Marketo Automation Specialist (Boston, Ottawa or possible Virtual)

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Marketo Automation Specialist (Boston, Ottawa or possible Virtual)

Marketo Automation Specialist (Virtual)

As a Marketing Automation Specialist you are responsible for making our clients’ MarTech stacks sing. As you are aware, MarTech is foundational to driving the type of engagement, lead management, and analytics that enables marketing to be strategic and a key contributor to pipeline and revenue. Working closely with our clients, partners, and our strategy and content consultants, you are the sensei that enables our clients to transform their stack and deliver wow moments to their marketing executives.

Your Mission

Enable our clients to get the most of their marketing technology stack, enabling advanced engagement marketing, lead management, and analytics.

Your Mindset


  • Original with fresh, innovative thinking.
  • Client-centered, focused on customer success.
  • Transformative, focused on delivering solutions that drive significant stack improvements.
  • Collaborative, working closely with our team, our clients, and our partners to deliver success.
  • Self-motivated with a passion for marketing technology.

Your Responsibilities

Don’t let this list get in the way of delivering success. Do what it takes and be original in identifying how you can add value. That said, here’s a starting list of typical responsibilities:

  • Marketo implementations: Working with new clients, you implement all aspects of Marketo to get them up and running, and then incrementally using progressive elements of the platform to drive engagement, pipeline creation and conversion.
  • Marketo as a Service execution: You help our clients execute email, event, engagement, and default programs. You manage all Marketo execution details to help enable program success. This includes program set-up as well as adding business value by suggesting ways to optimize email and landing page copy, offers, testing, and other program strategy details.
  • Marketo optimization: You help clients get more out of an existing implementation by building or optimizing lead scoring, lead nurturing, revenue models, analytics and more.
  • Marketo best practice development: You develop and document Marketo best practices, working with your colleagues.
  • Content contribution: Like all your peers, you develop content (1 blog post per every two months and 5 monthly tweets) to help drive our content engine. New for FY19 is contributing to our Marketo Learning Hub with 2 videos per month.

Your Qualifications

As a consultant working with some of B2B’s top brands, you are the bees’ knees of MarTech experts. Here are some of your skills and attributes:

  • You are a problem solver who brings fresh, original thinking to client problems.
  • You have a glass half-full approach. You are unfazed by issues, persevering to find answers with a smile on your face (and perhaps some cursing – not in front of the client).
  • You like people. They like you. You work well together.
  • You speak well – articulating your ideas, insights, and solutions clearly to our customers.
  • You like technology. Especially Marketing Technology. You are a Marketo Certified Expert with at least two years experience using the platform.
  • You like learning new technologies – like other MarTech apps that plug in to MA.
  • You have a university degree or college diploma.
  • You are organized, with an ability to manage multiple project elements at once without dropping the ball.
  • You have a thirst for life in general, with personal passions – we like well-rounded people!

What We Offer

We take what we offer you seriously! Here’s what we strive to provide for you:

  • A fun culture – our team genuinely feels a strong connection to one another and our company.
  • Learning and growth opportunities – our individual Learning and Development Plan for ensures you grow. Additionally, working with various clients in various industries on various projects keeps things fresh.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • A strong health care benefits plan.
  • The latest technology – we love leading cloud-based apps that integrate with one another and make it easy to do our jobs.
  • A commitment to employee well-being. This is one of our two founding principles. Our respect for work-life balance manifests in the form of a healthy vacation policy, the ability to work from home, and a genuine focus on not overloading employees with projects.

Demand Spring has offices in Ottawa and Boston.

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