Marketing Manager/Director - Scottsdale, AZ

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Marketing Manager/Director - Scottsdale, AZ

Friend of mine, Kent Westervelt - Chief Commercial Officer, is looking for a rockstar marketer to join him and take Gobiquity to the next level. Ideally, Kent is looking for someone with Marketo experience or enough marketing automation experience to be able to pick up and go. This is a phenomenal opportunity for someone who is a go-getter and wants to have an influence on the growth of this start up. They've received funding and are primed to take the growing healthcare market by storm.

Feel free to reach out to me directly, if you are interested  at and I will point you in the right direction.

Cheers! Job Description below.

The Marketing Manager is a well-seasoned marketing professional who thrives on utilizing marketing strategies and technologies to drive new business and excite clients. To be a star, you will apply your expertise in marketing, marketing technologies, social media, healthcare and healthcare information technology in all aspects of the marketing process and deliver measurable results. Realizing Gobiquity is a growing digital health company, you are totally amped by opportunity to use your skills to save kids vision

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (fundamental job duties):

  • Product Manager DNA: You are driven to know as much as you can about our products, clients, markets and competitors and apply that knowledge to drive sales and client satisfaction.
  • Marketing automation expert:  You have a demonstrated ability to utilize and manage contact and marketing automation technologies to drive lead generation and sales conversion. 
  • Social media whiz:  you will drive and execute our strategy in all social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • You’re analytical and understand how Google Analytics, Salesforce and other marketing automation analytics help inform strategies.
  • You’ve managed and understand how the web (including mobile web) drives lead generation.
  • With gained product and client expertise, you will create original content, marketing and sales solutions to be disseminated across all marketing strategies.
  • Manage company blog and eNewsletters.
  • Support PR efforts and conference activities.
  • Provide constant feedback on marketing messaging, product development, marketing plans, etc to ensure message and value is optimized across channels.


  • You got this---You’re comfortable managing contact and marketing automation technologies and have the experience to prove it.
  • Tech-savvy problem solver— You get how technology helps healthcare but understand and can explain it to non-tech savvy folks.
  • Creativity with flare.   As issues and challenges abound, you’ve demonstrated how you can solve issues.
  • Strong client advocate genes:  resourceful, quick-on-your-feet, results-oriented, hands-on, and accustomed to working with a team.
  • Crave knowledge.  Know much about the mobile health, the eyes, vision and pediatricians? You will.  We want you to become a sage on all these topics.
  • No Drama.  Show us you can remain cool under pressure. As we grow, things can become hectic.  We need folks who can remain calm and carry on through even the most stressful of circumstances.
  • Rock the foundation.  You possess great communication skills, are organized, open to new ideas, love to oppose/propose ideas and are accountable. 
  • Have passion.   We are going to end amblyopia (the leading cause of blindness in kids.)  We need people who are all in.

  You must have a Bachelor’s degree and at least 5+ years of strategic marketing experience and 3+ years healthcare related marketing experience. We prefer it if you had experience working in a fast-paced, rapidly growing software health care and/or technology company.