Looking for Digital Marketing Manager for Fast Growing Tech Company

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Looking for Digital Marketing Manager for Fast Growing Tech Company

Digital Marketing Manager

About the Role

The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for continually raising our marketing technology

and analytics game. Where there is an opportunity to punch above our weight on the marketing

front, this role will find every opportunity to give Passport a measurable performance advantage

by doing things smarter.

Responsibilities include

● SEO and the technical implementation of our web site, content, ad campaigns, and

mobile apps including product and industry-specific targeting

● Attribution modeling for leads and opportunities, including multi-touch attribution

● Integration of marketing automation, CRM, and other marketing technology tools

● Adwords and other paid advertising strategy, execution, and analysis

● UTM Schema, or similar, development and maintenance

● Internal consultation and implementation of marketing automation and social media


● Regularly report on in-depth analytics from marketing platforms and service providers

● Maintain relationships with platform providers and stay up-to-date on top platforms,

features, and new ways to implement company-wide technology

● Enable our Sales and Marketing reps with tools that will aid in their ability to deliver

impactful presentations and collateral, as well as our ability to track activity and


● Evolve our marketing technology stack aligned with clear business objectives

● Monitor, summarize, and report on app Reviews, ratings, and trends for our apps and

those of our competitors.

● Conduct extensive market research, analysis, and a clear understanding of market


● Forecast and communicate digital marketing budget and track progress toward initiatives

and company goals

● Strategize, develop, and manage digital marketing campaigns alongside marketing team

and other departments

About You

You obsess over data… where it’s stored, how it connects, what it means, and the best ways to

visualize it. You understand the difference between vanity metrics and those that are actually

relevant to our business performance.

You are a constant experimenter. Whether it comes to paid advertising, social media campaign

elements, or SEO tweaks within a site. You understand statistical significance and how to run a

proper A/B or multivariate test.

You should be extremely knowledgeable in: WordPress, Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics,

SEO management platforms, and social media management tools.

Excel (or gSheets) is a friend you know well. R or Python analysis experience a bonus. The

ability to write scripts that automate data gathering, analysis, and reporting will tremendously

help in this role.

About Us

Passport is reimagining the transit and parking experience with a suite of SaaS platforms for our

clients and mobile applications for end users. Passport’s software platform enables

governments to improve operational efficiency for parking and transit operations through smart

technology for payments, management, and reporting. By leveraging online and mobile

services, leaders are able to access rich data that generate insights that drive better revenue,

eliminate waste in the system, and improve outcomes for citizens.

Passport's product lines--parking payments, transit payments, enforcement and permit

management--collectively serve to deliver dynamic tools for agencies to better connect with their

communities. Its services have been adopted by over 20 of the top 50 cities in North America

and over 2,000 locations including Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Portland, and Miami. Passport’s

mission is to reduce operational complexity and deliver intelligent data to improve decision

making for its clients.

Interested? Please contact:

Michael Scully Chief Product Officer

call: 704-823-6624

email: michael.scully@passportinc.com

web: passportinc.com