LeadMD is Hiring Excellence

LeadMD is Hiring Excellence

LeadMD is hiring for 7+ positions in marketing automation, design, development and CRM. We won't find these people easily. And, I promise that 98% of "experts" would not qualify. Why? Because we expect excellence, for ourselves and for our customers. We are in the hyper-value business. In return we offer the reward of ownership - both financial and in terms of career path. In 2015 I gave away 35% of the company to employees - in 2016 I will give away 25% more. Are you up to the challenge?

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The below was written by LeadMD's Director of Culture, Heather Wood

Let’s face some facts, friends. The game is changing. Right under our noses.

Almost every industry is seeing massive changes in the way employees are hired, trained and retained.

I think the root of this, and the most important thing a jobseeker should know, is that talent development is no longer in the hands of the organization or your manager. It’s right back where it belongs: in YOUR hands.

As we’ve discussed quite a bit around here, the key to success in today’s business world is to not just work for work’s sake, but to approach your position in the same way the owner of the company would. It’s about being open minded owning every aspect of your position. It’s passion.

And at LeadMD, we bring passion to everything we do. A big part of that stems from our love of helping clients grow their marketing efforts and revenue.

I truly believe (and I’ve been doing this for a while, people!) that if you lack passion and don’t feel a connection to the purpose of the company, then all of the perks (no matter how awesome) are irrelevant.

And if you don’t feel connected to the organization and the why of what you are doing, you’re not going to be interested in giving up any of the key ingredient to success: discretionary effort.

What is discretionary effort? That sounds buzzword-y

Discretionary effort is defined as: the level of effort people could give if they wanted to, but above and beyond the minimum required. Many organizations manage performance in such a way that motivates employees to do only enough to get by and avoid getting in trouble (negative reinforcement).

The way I see it, discretionary effort means giving up what you would call “my time” (for me, it’s a glass of wine and a fabulous steak dinner with my guy) to instead work on things that benefit the workplace. Because you want to, not because you have to.

The flip side of this is that if you don’t feel valued or appreciated for what you bring to the table, you’ll never give up any discretionary effort. You’ll want to go home and forget everything that happened at work. We all know people like that, right? At LeadMD, we call them work zombies.

Unhappy? Make a change

What really chafes me is people who refuse to take responsibility if they aren’t happy with their position, or the environment they work in, or even their coworkers.

Instead, they stay and begrudgingly come to work every day, and pull down the rest of the organization. Negative thinking is like a nasty cold. You show up to work and spread it around. Soon, everyone is sick.

You have a choice here: You can connect with your co-workers in a positive way or you can connect with them in a “misery loves company” kind of way.

I feel like it’s always more productive to take a positive approach when it comes to the inevitable breakdowns in the workplace. Think in terms of, “OK, this isn’t working. How can we find a better way?” rather than just letting your negative feelings brood and spread to others.

Pour conclure mon frere

Success, to me, always comes back to the ideas of personal ownership and individual accountability. At LeadMD, we emphasize these traits over most all others. Why? Because, when internalized, they always lead to success.

The result is a place that isn’t going to be perfect for everyone. If you’re not comfortable being uncomfortable (a must to grow, personally and professionally), if you can’t handle being asked pretty squarely to correct something or do something differently, it will be a tough environment.

But having passion and treating your own position as if it were your own company will lead you to make decisions that are best-and-right for whatever company you work for. And that’s like rocket fuel for your career.

When you make the conscious choice to take ownership of your position, you get to a point where you’re firing on all cylinders. You come to “work” every day, making an impact, and getting to see the direct results of your hard work in great ideas that actually come to fruition. What better “perk” could you ask for?

Did you find yourself nodding your head while reading this? Think you have the right stuff? Let us know! We’re hiring. Check out our open positions here, and some of our awesome benefits here.