Hiring a Marketo Admin/Systems Analyst

Hiring a Marketo Admin/Systems Analyst

Exciting opportunity to join a fast-growing company that just raised a huge series C round of funding! https://www.golucid.co/careers/9a545eac-bc35-438e-aab1-f47b020f5904?team=Operations

As a Marketing Systems Analyst you will be troubleshooting, designing, building, and implementing the tools and software that we use by the Marketing organization here at Lucid. Persistent curiosity with a propensity to build long term, scalable solutions is essential for success in this position. A serious candidate will need to be capable of consistent and proactive communication with business leaders and stakeholders, including executives, in a variety of roles and functions, in order to isolate problems, devise solutions, and prioritize initiatives. The business systems analyst will also work closely with software engineers and therefore must have a working understanding of software architecture as well as software development. Lucid is a quickly growing and constantly changing company, this makes it an challenging and exciting place to work; in order to be successful in this environment the Marketing Systems Analyst will need a propensity to learn new methods and tools.


  1. Ensure the viability scalability of systems in use Marketing and Sales
  2. Gather requirements from business stakeholders for relevant tools and systems
  3. Proactively find and create systems and process solutions to business problems
  4. Develop and Maintain user confidence through delivering functional, relevant, and timely solutions both proactively and in response to requests and criticism.
  5. Proactively communicate project timelines, progress and goals to leaders and stakeholders


  1. 2+ years of experience administering both Salesforce and Marketo
  2. A working knowledge of SQL and experience working with large amounts of data
  3. Experience using Java or Python for Data Processing
  4. Familiarity with ERP and Help Desk platforms
  5. Experience working with 3rd Party APIsFamiliarity with data visualization tools like Tableau

Apply here: https://www.golucid.co/careers/9a545eac-bc35-438e-aab1-f47b020f5904?team=Operations