B2B Demand Generation Specialist

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B2B Demand Generation Specialist

B2B Demand Generation Specialist

Experts Exchange is looking for a Business-to-Business Demand Generation Specialist to run business lead generation and acquisition programs. Our ideal candidate has a combination of analytical and creative skills. The specialist will be responsible for assisting with programs targeted toward acquisition of new business clients through a variety of marketing channels.

About Experts Exchange

Experts Exchange is the leading online community for technology professionals. The Experts Exchange website is used by hundreds of thousands of technology professionals around the world to solve difficult technology problems, learn new technical skills and network with other professionals.

As an employee of Experts Exchange, you receive benefits such as a gym membership, laundry service, free snacks, comprehensive health care coverage and a company-matched 401K.

Location: Experts Exchange / San Luis Obispo, CA

Apply here: http://experts.theresumator.com/apply/jobs/details/tQhg8l?

If you are interested or have any questions, contact me at awaller@experts-exchange.com.