Agency in Seattle looking for love in all the wrong places...

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Agency in Seattle looking for love in all the wrong places...

We're experiencing a "robust" phase of growth. But, we're picky about the people that we work with. You should be too - considering you're spending the majority of your life with them. Sobering isn't it?

We have a couple key roles open at Solomon. We're a Demand Generation agency located in Seattle. Here's a post that drones on and on for a bit, but then gives some details on the roles that we have open at the moment. I'll past them here too, for fun.

If you're interested, drop me a line. If you're not... then get on with your bad self.

-Jesse Fowl.

Demand Generation Consultant  – an experienced marketer who understands how to bend and twice marketing technology to make clients money. There’s a lot of people that can do that. But, we’re a little different. Every engagement starts with a Customer Experience strategy before we unroll the tool belt. Are you sick of getting paid to create a shiny spam cannon? Then, we’re high fiving right now. We are all about designing elegant experiences for leads and customers. That’s because it’s the best way to increase trust for our clients, and most importantly, make them money.

  1. Marketo Certified Expert? That’s certainly a shiny badge – and we love shiny things! But, if you have the chops, we can figure it out really quick. So, don’t sweat it – we’ll pay for the test.
  2. CRM Experience. We like and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In fact, we’re quite smitten with both and that’s why we can’t give either up. We work with a mix of clients that use either or. But, experience integrating MA and CRM is a major win, because without sales enablement – marketing automation is dead in the water.
  3. Attention to Detail – Hey look, you’re dealing with customer data here. That means one misfire can put egg on the entire painting. As a Consultant, you need to have an exception attention to detail, because the expectation is that everything we deliver is perfect. And it always is.
  4. You bring something else awesome to the table. That’s up to you, but I’d love to hear about

Marketing Analyst –  you’re more than likely working as a social media marketer and you’re having weird existential thoughts about “does any of this really matter”. You’re starting to have a couple dreams here and there about data. Yeah…. data. All of the sudden, all of your tweets, likes, and influence actually mean something! They’re turning into real metrics before your very eyes! All of the sudden, the boss is high-fiving you because you’re making him so much money! Well, guess what…… that’s called marketing automation. That’s what we do. We would like to take your Social Media mastery and take you to the next level. Marketing Automation is a good career move. Check out the salary report sites and then drop me an email.

  1. Year or two working in a marketing department.
  2. You’re a content marketing, social media marketer, or something along that vein of thinking.
  3. Maybe you’re geeking out on Google Analytics? Hubspot inbound certified? Killing time and hoping for a prayer on platforms like Act-On, Pardot, or InfusionSoft?
  4. You’re good with numbers. In high school people tried to copy your homework. You didn’t really understand this, because you did it during Social Studies – because you knew all that. You watched the history channel.