Support for SFDC's State/Country Picklists

Support for SFDC's State/Country Picklists

I would love to see official support for Salesforce's new State/Country Picklist functionality. According to Marketo Support, this feature isn't currently supported and they recommend not enabling it. (I've been told the same for another 3rd party SFDC app, so I guess the feature is still too new.) Please add this to the roadmap Marketo! This SFDC feature would be a great way to ensure standardized state and country information in our databases (both SFDC and Marketo).
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I have a case from another Marketo's customer who wanted this support and I have pointed her to vote for this idea.  I am hoping you will get the critical mass needed soon.
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Thanks Calvin!  Yes!  We really need this supported.  We are a young and rapidly growing company.  We have a lot of great data integrity practices in place and this was one of them!  Consistent country picklists in Marketo and Salesforce.  Another vote for adding to the roadmap.  
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Yes please!

Here's a relevant discussion too:
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I would like to know as soon as this is enabled as well!
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We enabled this as we just rolled out Salesforce. What is the implication here? In my Field Mapping section, it looks like it is mapped...

We don't need to collect state on forms now, but we may need to in the future.
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Voting up - we've implemented this to get clean data in Salesforce so it's makes total sense for it to be supported Marketo side.
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For anyone who has turned on the SFDC side and had a previously connected MKTO, any tips or tricks that you can share on roadblocks/potholes to be aware of before turning this on live?
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This would be a great feature enhancement! I hope we can get it on the roadmap.

At present, if State and Country picklists are enabled, a lead will fail to sync if they have values for Country or State which are not present in the picklists. For example, if my picklist uses "Oregon" and the lead's value is "OR" (one of the values which prepopulates the dropdown in the Change Data Value flow step for State), the lead will fail to sync.

The best workaround I can think of at the moment is to keep a text file saved to my desktop which includes all of the Countries and their corresponding States, which I can copy and paste from for use in forms and smart lists.

In your forms, I recommend setting visibility rules so that the State field is only visible for a couple countries (United States and Canada?). If you try to set up too many values which are dependent on visibility rules, the form editor can start to run into performance problems.

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We had activated country pick list in Salesforce. This resulted in a conflict with Marketo's sync because the integration to the State Code is not supported.  Because of this, I have had to disable the country pick list in order to revert it back to the State text format. To ensure data integrity from multiple data sources, I created a workflow rule with automatic update in Salesforce so that regardless of data source, the data values are consistent.

For example on the Account, I created a rule that activates every time the Account Billing State field is edited, and as long as it is not blank, the workflow field update automatically rewrites the Billing State/Province field to the correct State/Province format.

Workflow Rule Criteria: (Account: Billing State/ProvinceNOT EQUAL TOnull) AND (Account: Billing CountryEQUALSUnited States,United States of America, US,USA)

Field Update:

CASE( BillingState ,









"DC","District of Columbia",





















"NH","New Hampshire",

"NJ","New Jersey",

"NM","New Mexico",

"NY","New York",

"NC","North Carolina",

"ND","North Dakota",





"RI","Rhode Island",

"SC","South Carolina",

"SD","South Dakota",







"WV","West Virginia",




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Is this still unsupported?