Sending multiple test emails at once

Sending multiple test emails at once

I wish there was a way to send multiple test emails (Ctrl + select all emails needed) at one time instead of having to send one at a time. Sometimes when I have a campaign that has numerous emails- it is very time consumming. If this exists and I just don't know about it- someone please reach out to me and show me the way- otherwise- it would be a nice feature 🙂
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One use case for this is Webinar or Event programs. We have six email assets associated with our webinars and I need to see a test of every one. To save time, I made a smart campaign called "email tests" and set it to send every email in the program to my email address. Then I  just run once to have all of the emails sent to me.

When a program is cloned, so is that smart campaign (and the emails automatically adjust to be for the new program). It helps!
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Another case for this is a nurture campaign. We try to design our content for several weeks/months in advance. It would be great if we could send out email tests for all of the emails within that program to get our various approvals.
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One workaround we've found for this is to create a campaign that sends multiple emails through the 'Send Email Alert' function. It's especially helpful if you want to send to multiple people (good for those approvals for example). Sending as alert at least gets around comms limits.

Smart list = Filter with 'If email address is [email of example lead which already exists in your database]'

Flow = Send Alert (can be multiple) - with email you want to send, 'To Other Emails' filled in with recipient(s)

Then run batch and you'll get whatever emails you've set for the alert.

But, I too would LOVE the ability to select multiple emails (say in Design Studio if needed), and send multiple tests.

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