Opportunity Influence Analyzer List Format

Opportunity Influence Analyzer List Format

The Opportunity Influence Analyzer is great per opportunity, but it would be great to see the interactions in a list format, and then in aggregate. 

For example:

Opportunity A 
1) Webinar 1
2) Nurture Email 1 Clicked
3) Nurture Email 2 Responded
4) Sales Call 

Opportunity B
1) Webinar 2
2) Visited Tradeshow 1
3) Onsite Visit

Where Opportunity A and B are both created as a result of one campaign, Campaign A.
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We’ve been working on a new feature that would allow users to export the Opportunity Influence Analyzer data into Excel.  Please see an example screenshot below.  If the account has multiple opportunities, the Excel would include those.  The green area represents all the interactions when the opportunity was open.
I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.  Thanks.

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Thank you! This is the direction of a report I am looking for. However, do you only pull this report account by account? Or can you specify the timeframe by opportunities...

For example, I want all opportunities closed last month, or last year. 

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The first version of this feature would be only for one account at a time.  We're exploring the ability to specify the opportunity open and close dates as you mentioned.

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This is a great thread. I whole heartedly support it. The report looks nice.
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