Notifications on Marketo System Down

Notifications on Marketo System Down

It's great to have campaign notifications, but there are no notifications when critical Marketo services like email send are down e.g Email sends, landing pages, forms etc..

Use Case:

On May 11th, 2015 our Marketo instance was effected by an issue that occurred at Marketo where email sends were down for more than 24 hours. But we were not informed when system went down from email send perspective and when it came back.This did effect our email sends as we had some important event related events that had to go out and we had to use another vendor.

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We like the idea and are working on the requirements for a better notification system.  When there are P1 issues/alerts our support team does post an announcement on the Product/Support & Support pages.  If you are set up to receive inbox notifications to your email you will receive these announcements.  You can make the changes to your profile in your preferences.

We'll be working on this for the second half of the year and hope to have something ready soon.

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With the trigger latency and sync issues that occurred all of last week, it is glaringly obvious that Marketo needs to greatly improve how downtime and other critical issues are communicated to customers. No one at my company got the first email communication about the problems, and we only started receiving emails regarding the problems two days later.

I recommend the following:

- Support tickets created should immediately be replied to with the outage message in addition to the normal communication

- There should be a message on the support page regarding the issue

- There should be a message on the Marketo login page regarding the issue

- There should be a banner at the top of the instance that can be dismissed for individual users with a message regarding the issue

It's unacceptable that active customers could go two business days unaware of the issue, even after submitting support tickets related to the issue.

Happy to discuss.

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Hi Kenneth,

It's been over a year since your update, can you share what is being done to improve notifications and when it will be released?



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