Live editing interface???

Live editing interface???


I am still somewhat new to Marketo, and when I had started with our company most of our email templates were given to us in HMTL by our web developer.

After attending the Summit I realized we should be creating mobile responsive templates, and when I asked our developer for some, he answered with this:

"I’m surprised Marketo is not more full service in general when it comes to marketing email building. I’ve used much lesser, even free services like MailChimp and the templates are always included and easily editable to customize as needed via a drag and drop and live editing interface. This process we’ve been doing with email templates feels very outdated and inefficient to me. Is Marketo really that far behind?"

Hoping to get this conversation started - Does Marketo offer any sort of thing like that? It would be very helpful, especically since most of our power users don't speak "HTML".


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Hi Amanda,

I agree with you, the email editor is not friendly to Marketo users who are not comfortable with HTML.  When I first started with Marketo years ago, I was not familiar with HTML or CSS, but am now pretty solid with both (out of necessity as well as interest).

Moreover, Marketo's email editor has not really been noticeably updated in at least 4 years, which is a very long time in the digital world.

All this being said, it's not all bad news.  First, I would recommend that you check out -- there are ready-made Marketo email and landing page templates on this microsite that can be directly imported to your Marketo instance.  Hopefully this can help you out in the short term.

Second, thankfully (and coincidentally), a major update to the email editor is finally due out later this year.  Though I've heard this from Marketo employees I don't really know the details on this one, so if you're interested you could probably contact support for more info.

Good luck!
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