let the links take me to the suggested resource

let the links take me to the suggested resource

why doesn't the link to my support case number take me to my case?  It takes me to the main page and then it's about another 5 clicks to get to my case.  This is annoying.  Also, when I click links for resources in documents it takes me to the search page.  It should take the user to the resource or paper.  Poor user experience.

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Here's another one: "My Stuff > My Ideas" takes me to ALL ideas.

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Here's another example - so annoying that i can't read the article.


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Sherin - YES! That is so frustrating and a weird user experience to click on the case number in my email and not be taken to the open case. And then to have to click and click and dig to actually get to my case.

So many links are not working or updated in the new community - like they released it a little too soon, in my opinion!

It is beyond frustrating to click on a document that sounds like it will answer your question, only to be taken to the Doc search screen. What!? And then if you just search for the article you had clicked on in the first place (a bit angry that you should have to do that extra step) it usually just says that Anna is busy working on the article.

I can't understand why Marketo would even show all these links and have them come up in our search results just for us to waste time clicking on and getting our hopes up, and then to find out that the article isn't ready/live/can't be directly linked to you. I'd recommended to hold off until it's a baked thing so your users don't get so annoyed.

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Sherin & Allison,

Please create a new idea for that part so we have it! Thanks.

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Thank you Sherin Baday for the comments and ideas.  We are are of some linking issues related to support case updates/email communications and we are working on resolving the problem.

The problems with linking resources in the example you shared is that the link is actually for an old document that is being redirected to the Marketing Nation page to do a search.  If you can provide us the link to the main article we can work on correcting the linking or provide you the new document it should link to.

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