HTML Source Button Buried in New WYSIWYG Email Editor

HTML Source Button Buried in New WYSIWYG Email Editor

The new toolbar in the WYSIWYG editor for email production looks great, but most of the features are now buried under the "More" button, which requires an extra click. Can the HTML source button be added to the primary toolbar, and not beneath the "More" button? It's a commonly used feature that allows access to more advanced editing, and it would keep things more efficient for power users!

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I agree with this 100%. I use the HTML source a lot when coding emails in Marketo and the extra click to access it can get very repetitive.

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Yeah I too, had to look for the HTML source and that was kind of confusing. I guess I'm just used to looking for HTML instead of <>.

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Totally agree with this one!

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Agreed, please bring this forward and save us the extra click. I think this is the equivalent of 35+ extra clicks a day for me.

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was happy to come back from vacation last week to see this has been resolved! YAY

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