Customize default tab view for MSI

Customize default tab view for MSI

It would be really helpful for our sales reps to choose which tab to set as the defualt in the MSI widget or dashboard. Some find web activity most helpful, for others it's the email tab. Would like to do this without the extra clicking.

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Can you please provide more details about your use case? I actually like the notion of giving sales people an clear way to see what they want, I think it can be solved in a different way, but I like where you're going with this.

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Hi Christina,

This mainly pertains to the dashboard, but would also be helpful for the widget.

Our company has a number of product lines with sales teams dedicated to each, which means that we don't use the Salesforce Contact Owner field as it's traditionally used. Instead, we have a custom contact owner field for each product so that multiple reps can own a contact.

Because of this, the default tab "Best Bets" is always empty. When this is always the first thing reps see, they're discouraged from using the dashboard, so adoption has been a huge issue for us.

It would be incredibly helpful to set another tab as the default so reps have something to see when they access the dashboard, like "My Watch List," or something else. I'm fine with setting this at the system level (apply to everyone), or have it customizable by rep.

If setting the default tab to something else on the Widget was available, a lot of reps have expressed interest in making Web Activity or Emails as their default tab. Because most of the interesting moments have already populated by the time a contact is sent to sales, seeing that tab first isn't super helpful on repeat visits. Instead, if reps could go to their contacts and immediately see the emails they've sent and whether they were opened or clicked, adoption would increase significantly. This is more timely information for our reps.

Hope this is helpful. If you need anymore info, please let me know!

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This is helpful, thank you.

Here is a followup question for you. Given the fact that your sales teams are divided up by product, and they do a form of team selling (hope that's a correct assumption), then would it be helpful to see best bets/interesting moments/lead response activities on an aggregate level? So, for a particular product line (or account) any sales rep "stakeholder" can view all of this information by product line?

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