Change the Name/Label of Field without Removing from Use

Change the Name/Label of Field without Removing from Use

It would be very efficient to be able to change the name/label of a field that's in use in Marketo without first removing it from use. This would help create less fields and be scalable/save time when changing the field. 


Even a better option,  if a field is created in SFDC and exposed to Marketo and the name/label is changed in SFDC, to reflect the field name change in Marketo automatically.


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Of course! A rather embarrassing gap ....

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Oh, this would be great!! We have several fields where renaming would be needed but as those fields are heavily in use we are unable to do that

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Just to clarify this of right now, when we update a SFDC field name in SFDC that is in use and mapped to a marketo field, that field won't automatically be updated in Marketo but instead just create a brand new field and break the mapping between the fields?

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Status changed to: No plans to build

Unfortunately, Marketo Engage was not designed to permit renaming fields if they are in use.