Automatically open the admin page in new tab

Automatically open the admin page in new tab


this may sound trivial but it would be great if when you click on admin, this opens a new tab instead of loading the current page. I have to each time think of opening a tab and then click on admin.

Cécile @ Talend

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I thought I was the only one...
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Nevermind - this isn't working - could have sworn it used to...

Hi Cecile - I've hated this little MKTO nuance forever. Although MKTO still needs to implement THE solution, I've found a pretty solid work-around.

What I do is:

- in the tab your currently in, find your name in the top purple bar on the right
- click the drop down
- right click on 'My Account'
- open in new tab

This takes you to the admin in a new tab. Albeit in 'My Account', but it's all the same once you're there and almost as fast.

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I totally agree! 

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A big +1 from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was alone.
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I don't think Jesse idea should have been merged here. His idea is about improving the email editor and makes some awesome points. Cécile idea is good too, but not remotely the same as Jesse's.
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I am confused as to why my idea was merged to this idea? My idea has nothing to do with this idea as mine is about the email editor. This is totally different.

Thanks for pointing out, Conor!

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There are plans to have a keyboard shortcut for Admin in a feature release. Let's hope it opens in a new window like calendar too 🙂
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that would be awesome. I still don't understand how difficult it is to have Admin page opens in a new tab instead of Parent tab.
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Yes! This would be amazing. Community and RCE open in a new tab, but not Admin. Would love to see it extended to Admin!

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No advertizing on this, but you can now use CTRL click to open the admin in a new tab