Audit Trail (Vote on this Idea, not it's dupes)

Audit Trail (Vote on this Idea, not it's dupes)

I think it would be good to have time stamp or properties info for each element on Marketo.

For example, for each Smart List or List under Lead Database, it should have info about who created the list, when created, last updated, last updated by etc.

This will give very good transparency for multiple users.

This will definitely help!


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Already using this feature Thank you!

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Additional feature: Please track channel changes in Audit trail. These are SO CRITICAL to overall organizational function that I cannot believe it's not already tracked in the logs.  When a change is made in admin to a channel please log the:

  • Channel Name
  • Status (new value, old value)
  • Step Value (new value, old value)
  • User that made the change
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