allow for segmentation to be accessed through the API

allow for segmentation to be accessed through the API

Would be very helpful to have the segmentation to be accessible through the API, so that when we fetch a lead from marketo (Getlead, for instance) we can also know to which segment that lead belongs in a given segmentation.

The use case is to get a better insight of how the lead should be processed in a third party product. We are connecting a CMS such as Drupal to Marketo and we would like to display dynamic Drupal content based on the segment.
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Definitely a great idea.

Another option is to Add Dynamic content in e-mail based on rules you do on the fly. So you dont need to do small segments if there only small samples you wanna use for the specific blast.

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Until this is automated, you can create a data management campaign that runs daily to accomplish your goal in the meantime.

If a lead is a member of a segment, then update custom field with segment name. Then your API will probably be able to respond to the custom field. 

I'm also in the process of doing this so that the segmentation I built in Marketo is visible in SFDC for reporting purposes.

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We also did what Jessie did. Works well for our needs.
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