Add landing page to Twitter

Add landing page to Twitter

I was on Twitter today and noticed Eloqua has this awesome capability to add forms to Twitter. Very user friendly! It would be awesome to get this functionality.

Here's what the page looked like on Twitter:

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Interesting!  I wonder if this is some type of Twitter card that they are using.  
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I agree - this would be a fantastic functionality to have.
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Hi all:

This is done using Twitter cards, and Marketo is completely compatible with those. For the instructions on setting it up you can go here:  and then scroll down and click the 'Marketo' Link.  

Even better, as Marketo has mobile optimized landing pages, you can easily create mobile landing pages for your web cards and custom destination pages.  Since Twitter users are 80% mobile, this is going to be a key benefit for you and them!

All the best

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