Ability to lock reports

Ability to lock reports

I'd like to be able to lock the reports that I've created. Often times others who have access to the instance go in and edit the reports and even if it's just variables like time frame and no big filter edits... it throws everything off, messes up the report, and if it's a subscription report you get sent incorrect numbers. I'd like the ability to lock the reports that I create.
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Most wanted feature!
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Hi Kim,

Thnanks for posting, great suggestion! 

You'll be happy to know that right around the corner (our March release) this will be a new feature added to Analytics!  More details will be shared in the upcoming release notes, but in summary:

* you will have a new top-level "Group Reports" folder for all shared reports
* there will be a new top-level "Private Folder - [username]" for each user in your instance
* Group Reports are visible by all in the tree and may be run, edited or deleted by all
* Private Reports are only visible to a single user and not viewable or editable by any other user.
* You can move existing reports from Group Reports into yoru Private Reports folder.

I look forward to sharing more details in the upcoming release.

Thanks, and keep sharing great product Ideas!

Brian Theodore
Director of Product Management, Analytics
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Awesome, Brian! Thanks for the reply.
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the ability to move/clone reports between folders will be a huge help. thanks!
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As shown at Summit during Customer Love session, we launched this feature with April release.

As always, please send any/all feedback, we love getting great ideas and able to deliver 🙂

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