Tip #1: Using Tags in Community

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Assigning tags to your content makes it easier for you and others to find later.

Tags are like key search words that you and others assign to content. Tags make it easier to find content when you or others search for it later. You can assign tags to existing or new content. You can even assign tags to a status update.

Assign tags to a Status Update

To assign tags to a status update, type # before the keyword, for example, "Really enjoying these awesome tutorials about how to get started".  Now others will find this update whenever they search for "tutorials" and "get started."

Assign tags to other Content

There are two ways you can assign tags to content:

You can open or create your content and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Tags box. Type in the keywords you would use to search for this content.

You can also use inline tagging by adding tags on the fly, as you're editing the body of the content. To do this, use the #, which is a hash or pound sign, and follow it with the tag. So if you're writing about your first day in the new community, you might say "Just learned how to write a post newbie"

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