Level 3

Global Marketing Operations Manager - Seattle Area

About You:

You’re passionate about the intersection between Marketing, Technology, and Design. You don’t shy away from a challenge. Taking on a Demand Generation project that spans the globe isn’t daunting, it’s an exhilarating opportunity. You believe that designing delightful marketing experiences for customers is an art – grounded in science. But, everything you do is balanced and motivated by driving measurable revenue results.

Innovation is at your core. You always questioning the status-quo to find a better way.

You’re comfortable across the entire MarTech stack and understand the matrices and interdependencies of the myriad of systems. You’re confident communicating with C-Level stakeholders. But, your team loves you, because you roll up your sleeves to lead from the front. You lead your team deliver excellence,  by inspiring them to deliver results twice as fast, without ever making a mistake.

You have a rich portfolio of experience and are confident in your ability to quickly grasp a wide spectrum of businesses and new technology. You ask the right questions and are slow to speak, but when you do – everyone listens.

Management Consulting or Account Management would be easy, but your unique talent and excitement for marketing technology makes you a promising leader within your field with an unlimited trajectory.

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