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Marketing Automation Specialist at AdvancedMD in SLC, Utah

AdvancedMD, based in Salt Lake City, Utah is looking for a Marketo guru to help drive digital marketing effectiveness in healthcare IT. AdvancedMD is a leading provider of cloud-based PM, EHR and revenue cycle management solutions focused on the independent physician practice market. The ideal marketing automation specialist will strategize and implement inbound and outbound efforts as they relate to marketing and client communication automation in Marketo as well as:

  • Provide hands-on marketing automation expertise to support the development and execution of multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Plan, implement, and test trigger-based nurturing programs in the marketing automation platform that target all stages of prospect development, from raw inquiries and cold prospects, to engagement, to closed opportunities
  • Continuously analyze operational process to find and implement new efficiencies
  • Apply analytic skills to support marketing team by identifying new ways to build and nurture the sales pipeline and support the growth of the business; evaluate nurture performance and ROI
  • Implement new marketing automation streams that nurture prospects and convert them to actionable leads
  • Implement new client communication automation streams design to produce upsell opportunities and improve client satisfaction.
  • Define the end-to-end lead nurture process based on industry best practices and develop client’s lead nurturing campaigns
  • Develop and implement data quality and enrichment programs within the marketing automation platform
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders (marketing, sales, services, product & development) to implement automation for marketing campaigns and programs
  • Advise on best practices and train marketing users on Marketo, including capabilities, asset creation, quality assurance, batch processing, and projected results
  • Serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and administrator of Marketo
  • Conduct client audits of past and current marketing automation efforts, while also analyzing CRM and marketing automation data
  • Interview stakeholders, build content roadmap, and develop marketing strategy for each target market segment
  • Produce progress reports and conducting weekly client status meetings

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