Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Marketing Lead Nurture Specialist - Join the Upserve Team!

Upserve is looking for a Marketing Lead Nurture Specialist to join our team.  Interested?  Apply now or message me on the Marketo Community.

About the Role

  • Using inbound marketing tactics such as email and social media to add value through content, resources, and other calls-to-action. Your goal is to turn interested, qualified leads into successful customers.
  • Analyzing and interpreting what behaviors and patterns make customers successful and more likely to be retained by Upserve
  • Creating and implementing our strategy for nurturing leads through a mix of helpful content and other calls-to-action.

About You

  • Understands that driving inbound leads is a marathon not a sprint
  • A passion for helping the sales team reach their goals
  • Thrives on planning and long term goals with big rewards