Level 7 - Community Advisor

MCE Questions/Topics

Hi All,

I am sharing the topics which can be helpful for your MCE preparation:

  1. Engagement dashboard items and Assets type in engagement program
  2. CEO, CRM, Marketing, Sales - Match choices (as per job roles)
  3. Send email and alert
  4. UTM parameters
  5. Communication limits
  6. Spam laws
  7. program performance report
  8. Program progression status
  9. Trigger campaigns
  10. Tokens
  11. website visit reports
  12. What value should you choose to change leads score to 0
  13. Pause or remove a lead from engagement program
  14. A/B testing
  15. How to make the LP URL SEO optimized?
  16. Hidden fields are used for?
  17. Blocked leads reason?
  18. Marketing Suspended?
  19. Program type?
  20. Munchkin code?
  21. Difference between smart list and segmentation
  22. Acquisition program
  23. Diff. between hard bounce and soft bounce
  24. Visibility rule
  25. Adding Custom columns in reports
  26. Progressing profiling
  27. Difference b/w Marketo and ESP

Hope this will be helpful.