Level 1

sample questions

Hello, everyone! My name is Ruth, and I'm studying for the Marketo Engage ADO-E555 certifications. I'm presently taking the practice exam, but it doesn't tell me which questions I got wrong, therefore I was hoping someone could tell me if I have the correct answers are for the practice test. Thank you, this will help me to prepare for the actual exam.

Sample question #1.jpgsample question 2.jpgsample question 3.jpgsample question 4.jpgsample question 5.jpgsample question 7.jpgsample question 9.jpgsample question 10.jpgsample question 11.jpgsample question 13.jpgsample question 14.jpgsample question 15.jpgsample question 18.jpgsample question 19.jpgsample question 20.jpgsample question 6.jpgsample question 12.jpgsample question 17.jpg