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Bounce Classifications, SPF, IP Addresses, List Imports - on MCE in 2021?


I took Core Concepts 1 + 2 a while back, and as I'm reviewing for re-taking the MCE, was curious if anyone knew if the following topics are still on the exam: 


1) Email Bounce Classifications - Email Suspended, Email Suspended Cause, Email Suspended At, Email Invalid, Email Invalid Cause 

2) Sender Policy Framework + relation to Email Deliverability

3) Shared v. Dedicated IP addresses, pros and cons, 

4) Unsubscribe, Marketing Suspended, Email Suspended, Blocklisting - how represented and how impact email deliverability

5) List Imports: how to, and how affect acquisition program. 


If anyone has this info I'd love to hear back - thank you! 🙂