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MCE and Specialization "credential ID" could be accessible more easily in credential.net

Hello Marketo University,

Just an Idea\recommendation that I wanted to pass on. I was just looking to update my "credential ID" for my MCE and specializations and logged in to https://www.credential.net/profile/karanhari/wallet . I could not initially find the option to access the credential ID for my individual certificates. After searching around, I found that the credentials are accessed by clicking on the "Add to LinkedIN Profile" as highlighted in the below snapshot, and then copy the credential from the next screen (2nd Snapshot)



Although it looks easy now, looked like a complex process for some one who would try to access their "credential ID" for the first time. It would be great if the "credential ID" and "credential URL" could be hyperlinked along with the other options (From the first screenshot)

Best Always,

Karan Hari

Karan Hari
Senior Product Manager - Marketo Engage