Level 3

MCE Practice Test - I

  1. Which of the following are valid type of tokens? (Choose all that apply)
    a. Calendar file
    b. Date
    c. Text
    d. Score
  2. If you set up tokens at the folder level, what type of token will you see on any program within that folder?
    a. Local Token
    b. Inherited Token
    c. Overridden Token
    d. Lead Token
  3. In which of the following situations would you use dynamic content instead of a token? (Choose all that apply)
    a. Multiple languages in an email
    b. Adding the person's first name in the email
    c. Using a regional unsubscribe footer
    d. Display different images for each person's industry
    e. Including the person's account manager's contact information
  4. You have a segmentation for Industry with three segments (priority 1: Healthcare, priority 2: Government, priority 3: Education). One person you are emailing does not have an Industry populated. Which content version will they see?
    a. Healthcare
    b. Government
    c. Education
    d. Default
  5. Snippets can be used in which of the following assets? (Choose all that apply)
    a. Forms
    b. Landing Pages
    c. Emails
    d. Images
  6. Which of the following is a good use of a static snippet?
    a. Regional address footer
    b. Business unit-specific unsubscribe information
    c. Privacy policy language
    d. Regional social media links
  7. You wish to track the activity of people who visit your website. Which of the following technical setup steps helps you do this?
    a. DKIM
    b. SPF
    c. Landing page CNAME
    d. Branded tracking links (Email CNAME)
    e. Munchkin code
  8. A company operates in Multiple regions. They have hired 2 different VP of sales for 2 different regions. They both differ on a particular scoring criteria that needs to implemented. What would be the appropriate action to take.
    a. Disregard the opinions of both the VP’s and follow the global method of lead scoring that is currently in place
    b. Give equal weightage to both the VP’s irrespective of their regions
    c. Give weightages to both the VP’s according to their respective region
    d. None of the above
  9. Which of the following is not a good use case for a data management campaign?
    a. Standardizing country values
    b. Prevent duplicates from being created
    c. Blacklisting competitors from getting emails
    d. Stop emailing people who bounce multiple times
  10. Which of the following bounces are categorized as hard bounces? (Choose all that apply)
    a. Full mailbox
    b. Server unavailable
    c. Spam block
    d. Invalid email
  11. Which of the following is not an option that you can choose for a follow up page after someone fills out a form?
    a. Stay on page
    b. External URL
    c. Landing page
    d. Close window
  12. Which of the following is not a way you can populate a hidden field?
    a. Inferred data
    b. URL parameter
    c. Cookie
    d. Referrer parameter
  13. If you intended to ensure that leads always used the same format when entering phone numbers on your form, which functionality would you use?
    a. Input masking
    b. Hint text
    c. Form validation
    d. Tooltip instructions
  14. What information can you edit within your landing page to improve SEO? (Choose all that apply)
    a. Title
    b. Keywords
    c. Description
    d. URL
  15. Which of the following cannot be edited in a form?
    a. Submit button text
    b. Error and validation text
    c. Social button text
    d. Label text