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Re: Looking for MCE sample questions? [5 Questions from Lead Lifecycle]

Q.1:  Which situation is appropriate for resetting a customer's score to 0 according to Marketo's Lead Scoring Guide?

d. A customer purchased one year ago but has not visited a site in six months or opened an email in one year

Q. 2: Who should provide the final approval of a scoring model's targeted buyer persona?

a. Sales

Q. 3: Which two Marketo features allow marketing to pass information on a lead's behavior to a CRM system? (Choose two)

a. Synced data fields
c. Marketo Sales Insight

Q. 4: Which two company stakeholders should be included in the process when creating a scoring plan? (Choose two)

a. Sales
b. Marketing

Q. 5. Which of the following field types allow for you to do basic math?

a. Score