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Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA)

Hi All,

I’ve recently attended a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) workshop and wanted to give you an overview of the certification and a couple of tips, which I hope you find useful!

Currently there are less that 150 people that possess this certification, so if you really want to distinguish yourself as a Marketo Consultant it’s an extremely useful certification to have.

In order for you to be able to present yourself for the MCSA certification there are a number of requisites:

  • You need to be a Marketo Partner
  • You need to have a currently valid MCE certification

You will require to have a Marketo Lead Management (MLM) badge AND (at least) 2 of of the below items:

  • Marketo Lead Management
  • Center of Excellence
  • Analytics
  • Web Personalization
  • ABM • Administration
  • Integration – Native and/or Custom
  • Mobile
  • Digital Ads
  • Migration
  • Advanced Creative

The presentation should show real-case client projects you led, showcasing why and how you implemented the required solutions, the results and the success of the overall project. You can present different case studies per area, however they need to be real client cases and they cannot be based on projects you undertook for your own company.

You will be assessed based on the below areas:

  • 50% - Knowledge
  • 15% - Writing ability
  • 15% - Speaking ability
  • 10% - Strategy, design and success
  • 10% - Professionalism

You can present in the below ways:

  • Co-working with MKTO on a project
  • On-site visit to MKTO
  • Virtual presentation

I have to say the workshop is extremely useful. It’s interactive, hands-on real case studies, very advanced and detailed. It will prepare you to become a technically and strategically well-prepared Marketo Consultant.

If you have any questions please let me know.