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Re: MCE 2017 Exam Prep

Hi everyone,

If y'all went to Marketing Nation Summit, WELCOME BACK!  Hope you had a great learning experience and a ton of fun.  I sure did.  So... I took the exam at Summit and passed.  The things I did to prep:

1)  The 3 hour prep course with Don Mayberry (which took more like 2 hours).  He goes through it REALLY fast.  As part of this prep course, you get a study guide for concepts to learn (and where to find them) and there were about 30 practice questions at the end of this guide.  If I'm not mistaken, these were questions that were part of the beta exam but didn't make it to the official test.  The concepts and wording were VERY SIMILAR.  This was my bible for the exam and every concept was touched upon somewhere in the test.

2)  I did the intermediate track of University Day at Marketing Nation Summit.  Our instructor straight up told us concepts that would be on the exam and gave us scenarios of said concepts.  Super duper helpful.

3)  Took the time to really look at different reporting capabilities and when to use each.

I've been using Marketo for a little over a year and am an admin.  Or at least I was until recently when we hired a Marketo Champ who eats, sleeps, lives and breathes this stuff.

Hope this helps.

- Gina